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U.S. Dispatch Time: All orders are shipped the same or next business day.

U.S. Estimated Delivery Time After Order Ships: 2 - 5 Business Days

U.S. Tracking: https://www.usps.com/


  • Orders that contain prescription lenses require 20 to 30 business days to process and ship. 
  • Orders that contain prescription lenses cannot be changed, cancelled, refunded, or exchanged.
  • Orders that contain prescription lenses and cosmetic lenses are not shipped separately. The complete order will be shipped in one package. (If you would like to order prescription and cosmetic lenses and you would prefer to have the cosmetic lenses shipped the same or next day, we advise placing two separate orders. One for your prescription lens, and one for your cosmetic lens.) 

International Delivery: 2 - 8 Weeks (varies country to country)

International Tracking: http://www.17track.net/en

***Due to the sensitive nature of the lenses and safety purposes returns or exchanges are not accepted. Non-Reusable.***

Attention Shoppers: It is very important to make sure the correct shipping address is left at checkout. Orders are shipped to the address as is, addresses are not altered or modified. If the package is returned due to incorrect or insufficient address, a 5.00 reship fee will be applied to send the order a second time.  If the package is mis-delivered to the wrong address due to incorrect address left at checkout it is non-refundable. 

Due to the sensitive nature of the lenses and safety purposes returns or exchanges are not accepted. Non-Reusable.

Please Be Advised:

All photos/videos are meant to be used as a guideline or to give a general impression of how any lens may appear on the eye. The outcome of the lens color will depend solely on each individuals natural eye color.Therefore, the desired outcome or effect of the lens may be achieved but is not guaranteed.  

If a received item is believed to be "Not As Described" or "Not As Advertised" this conclusion must be made BEFORE the lens is opened or worn. All lens come in a transparent container, which allows the lens to be viewed without opening to confirm it is the item that was ordered, the correct color, and without damage. We are happy to exchange or refund items that are in the original condition and packaging that have not been opened. 


Lens Care



  1. Wash hands and dry them using a lint-free towel
  2. Place the contact lens on the tip of your index finger (which should be no wetter than your eye or the contact lens) and tuck your other fingers out of the way
  3. Look slightly across your nose in the mirror
  4. Drag your bottom eyelid down with your middle finger
  5. Place the contact lens on the sclera (white part of the eye) with the bottom edge of the contact lens touching first (the angle the contact lens is placed on your finger is crucial)
  6. Press firmly and then release your eyelid
  7. Massage the contact lens into place through the lids or blink a couple of times.

If you’re having trouble, try practising touching the white part of the eye without a contact lens a few times before inserting the lens. If you find that your contact lens is folding over, it means you are blinking before the contact lens has settled, in which case you may want to try holding your top eyelid too.

Once your lenses are in place, wipe their case with multi-purpose solution and leave it to air-dry. You should replace the case every three mont



  1. Wash hands and dry them using a lint-free towel
  2. Pull your lower eyelid down with your middle finger
  3. Bend your head forward
  4. Place the index finger of the same hand on the contact lens and slide it down onto the exposed sclera (white of the eye)
  5. Pinch the contact lens off the eye, without squeezing it too hard, with your thumb and index finger
  6. Clean and store the first contact lens before removing the second.




  • Follow the wear advice and wearing schedule recommended by your optometrist and the contact lens manufacturer
  • If your eyes are red or sore, or your vision is blurry, ask your optometrist for advice
  • Before handling your contact lenses, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and dry with a lint-free towel
  • Check that the contact lens has not turned inside out before inserting it
  • Start with your preferred contact lens so that they don’t get mixed up
  • Fit contact lenses before applying makeup and take them out before removing makeup
  • Keep your contact lens well lubricated at all times, either with artificial tears in your eyes, or stored in solution in your contact lens case
  • Clean and disinfect your contact lenses using fresh solution after removing
  • Keep a back-up pair of glasses handy, just in case
  • Have an eye test every 12 months or as recommended by your optometrist




  • Wear contact lenses if your eyes are red or sore, or your vision is blurry (talk to your optometrist if you get these symptoms)
  • Insert contact lenses if they are damaged
  • Keep disposable contact lenses longer than instructed by your optometrist
  • Use contact lens solution after its expiry date
  • Use medicated drops on contact lenses without your optometrist's approval
  • Use tap water or saliva on your contact lenses
  • Rub your eyes when wearing contact lenses
  • Sleep with dcontact lenses in
  • Wear contact lenses when swimming, unless you’re wearing goggles
  • Wear another person’s contact lenses
  • Place contact lenses on top of a television or any warm or hot appliance