Miskos 35B Palette - FREE WITH PURCHASE OF $75.00 or MORE!

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Miskos 35B Palette - FREE WITH PURCHASE OF $75.00 or  MORE!


Miskos 35 Colors Professional Makeup Eyeshadow Pallet Shimmer Matte Eye Shadow Set Cosmetic Product #35 Series (35B)

  • MISKOS 35B Eyeshadow Palette, it has 3 series, light, deep smoky, and the bright colors. The brights have red and orange, add more warm color for your winter. Light color could makeup as the foundation, and highlighter. The deep have several choices, you could choose the best smoky earth color for yourself, satisfy all the needs for your smoky naked makeup looks.
  • Pigmented: Because of the updated technology, the powder is not scattered, delicate and pigmented so much. After so many tests, 35B could reduce the re-makeup times, and waterproof, bring you the wonderful looking in all day.
  • Portable: The Newest Lock Technology, the lock for 35B Series is tightly. It's safe to bring it to all over the world. The height is only 1.7cm, just like the ipad, suitble for your package, luggage. We don't have the mirror inside, you don't need to wory its damage when you take them out.
  • Convenient: According to the light and deep smoky colors, this 35B could also use for the casual earth match, normal smoky looking, and also good for the businee naked, professional occasion, and other festivals.